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    Helen Bui

    I had a really good time here, our Singaporean friend took us here and even got free entry. The club was brilliant, the music was just what made our last night in Singapore.

    If you like RnB and House/Techno then this is the place for you. The vibe was also very good, everyone was having an amazing time

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    Jaryl Foo

    Really great staff working there. Staff are very well mannered and entry into the club was hassle-free and fast! Tho there are more foreigners inside the club, it makes you as in you’re not in sg! Gr8!

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    Sid Ramkumar

    Had a great night out at this place. The layout of the place is really interesting as one side of the space has a bar, bottle service and a dance floor. The other side also has a dance floor too. The atmosphere was fun and welcoming and unlike some other clubs, had room to move around.

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    Thomas Be

    If you get used to European clubs, better mind this place. It doesn’t matter how much money you give to the bartender. They expect the rest as tip. The club closes at 4 am. At 3:50 they ask you to finish your drink, no matter how empty it is. If you don’t follow the staff, they get super angry with you. Even the music was very cool, I will not come again.

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    Grumpy Goat

    Nehhhh… The old attica has more hype.

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