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    Alison E

    Please don’t sell with this company, its a black shop, they use the clothes you gave to make money! You will not get your payout!!! I have been giving them my clothes to sell for months and appreciate the convenience but i have been requesting the payout since last year, they either don’t reply you or ask you to wait your turn, then they down right ignore you! So infuriating!

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    Lixin Tan

    This review is for the HQ of the company but I’m going to post it everywhere:

    The WORST company ever. Irresponsible, dishonest, very badly managed.

    If you can’t be accountable for the clothes that have been dropped off, then please change your business model and stop stealing people’s belongings. It’s been more than 4 months since I dropped off my clothes during one of your collection events, and 2 months since I last heard from your staff, who just kept saying that someone is going to follow up. It has been radio silence since.

    And I won’t EVER forget to mention the whole fiasco when I was dropping off my clothes–your staff telling me that “no consignment” is available despite that option being written all over your publicity material. If you want to lie to your customers’ faces and openly cheat them, at least do it properly.

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    Minyi Sie

    Totally not worth it to sell your clothes here. Dropped off my clothes at northpoint refashion, which they will give u Fraser vouchers in return for the clothes. I brought down 35 pieces but they only accepted 5-10 pieces. And gave me $10 for it. Saw on their excel spreadsheet, everyone on the list got only $10 or was fully rejected. Waste of ppl time! Suspect those rejected clothes that u offer to donate will be resell by them in the end.

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    Lilyn Tan

    WARNING… Please dont ever sell your clothes with Refash! On its website, it states 21 days payout.. I’ve been chasing the team for 4 months and counting already, but no one bothers to give me an update / follow up accordingly. There are really no means to contact this company. If you can’t even operate online, why bother having physical store! Bad service, responsible and completely dishonest! Thanks for disallowing the review function on Facebook, believe you knew for yourself that your service suck, so stop hiding.This brand should just close down honestly.

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    Tried going down to their sellers day, where they pay you in vouchers. Brought about 30 items with brand’s like TEM, Pomelo and some even brand new with tag, others are all not worn and 10/0 condition.


    Ridiculous pricing system. Don’t waste your effort and time to bring your items down cos they will only offer you $0.10-$1 for each item lol.

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