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    Jessica Tan

    Nice music but the staff’s attitude is just outright poor. They wanted to check my fanny bag and I didn’t hear because the music is just loud at the entrance. The bouncer raised his voice and said “bag” and stopped me by placing his hands on my bag and pushed me back. It was kinda abrupt and I was shocked. I went out to the washroom and since it’s the first time I was there at wan, I did not know where was the re-entry lane. The lady at the counter just pointed “there” and I was like where? I felt as if I was talked down to because her tone was annoyed like “thereeee”. So turned out that the re-entry lane is at the back where it can’t be seen from the front. Commas is so much better and also, people there do not really dance even when the music is high so I can’t vibe with it. Nice atmosphere but I will never go there again and will def discourage my friends to go.

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    Tess Low

    Food is very very good, but price is a lil steep. The have good drink promos too!

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    Ivan Loh

    Relatively cheap happy hour drink prices with a lot of food options to go with your pint at the end of a long day at the office. I’ll definitely be coming back more often for the happy hour.

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    Joanna Lim

    crowd: mostly expats in their late twenties, very few locals
    music: hip hop (not the mainstream gen z kind of nonsense, the real hip hop)

    went in on the guestlist since I knew one of the promoters there and had two free bottles of belvedere and a lot of fun just dancing on the small stage at the front

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    Samantha Ong

    Interesting food that attracted us. Drinks had cute names. Serving portions were big and prices reasonable.

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